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Dry Cleaning

Using our state of the art dry cleaning technology, we bring gentle cleaning to you.  See the difference in your clothes with our cleaning!

Men’s Laundered Shirts

Our new wet cleaning machine cleans your shirt and helps maintain the bold colors of your button up shirts while getting all the grime and stains out.  Then it is pressed in clean lines to get you the finished, professional look.

Expert Tailoring

From formal wear to hemming jeans, our professional tailors will ensure that your clothing fits properly.  Our on-site tailor will measure and alter your clothes for that personalized, tailored fit.

Household Items

Let us handle washing your upholstery or your linens.   We clean and sanitize your down comforters, satin sheets, and your curtains.  Have stain on your fancy table cloth? Bring it in and see what we can do!

Fur, Leather, and Suede

Clean your most valuable suede and leather garments with us.  Our experience and expertise in the most fragile and compex garments makes us the clear choice to handle your cleaning needs.

Wedding + Christening Gown

Preserve your memories with us. Help prevent yellowing of your wedding and christening gowns.  We will professionally wash and package your cherished gowns so they last as long as your memories do.

The best choice for your treasured garments.

Family-owned dry cleaning in Lindenwold NJ and Berlin NJ.


Welcome to Chewslanding Cleaners + High Quality Cleaners. Conveniently located on Chewslanding Road in Lindenwold, NJ, we have ample parking for you to make your trip to the dry cleaners a simple, enjoyable trip.  Our expertise and care for you and your clothes will no doubt impress you.

About Us


We are a family owned and operated, hard-working dry cleaning and tailoring store based in Lindenwold, NJ.  Owners Mr. and Mrs. Cho has been operating and running Chewslanding Cleaners since 1999, and since then it grown into a environmentally friendly and technologically advanced dry cleaning and tailoring service.  We use a eco-friendly,  state-of-the-art dry cleaning machine that is powerful enough to lift heavy stains, but gentle and safe for you. We are leaders in the dry cleaning field and continually look to improve our service for you.  All of our work is done on-premises and we strive to provide you with affordable, quality, and eco-friendly care.



Chewslanding Cleaners is conveniently located in the Chewslanding Road in Lindenwold, New Jersey.

We can’t wait to meet you.  Come and see how seriously we take our commitment to bring you great quality, clean clothes!

High Quality Cleaners

High Quality Cleaners has been a neighborhood gem for 25 years.   Our safe, gentle, and effective eco-friendly cleaning keeps you and your clothing clean and safe.

High Quality Cleaners’ team prides themselves with providing quality service at a price that cannot be beat. High Quality Cleaners uses eco-friendly cleaning and with decades of clothing alteration and clothing repair experience, High Quality Cleaners is the place to go.

The location can’t be beat, we’re locate in Berlin Circle Plaza near Shop Rite, off of Route 73.

I have used this cleaners a few time for dresses, skirts, coats, and even some light mending. The woman at the front is always super nice.
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